Desynch vs Detachment

Where are you?

Where are you, your body and mind?

Right here, where else. But how much are you in synch with all aspects of yourself?

Starting from your body’s situation to your mind and beyond. Cutting the noise for one moment to really relocate yourself to where you really are. Not in your projects, not in your dreams. Right there walking down the street to get groceries.

I found it incredibly relieving to accept myself as I just am, thinking about where I am. Free from comparison and the ever so strong need to find the purpose. Instead really digging deeper into myself and fully realising who I am for just a moment. Strong enough to totally focus my ambition and my strength to something of value.

It makes it easier to locate stress and to cut it out. Let it be open tabs or a cleaning that’s long overdue. We established a while ago that noise in any form and sense distracts. It’s the source of so much stress and superficial validation.

Another point. When thinking about where you are. You are your own companion. Nowadays, it’s no surprise that depression and anxiety are on the rise. Why? I presume because validation comes not from humans anymore. It comes from machines and from proxies, “likes” if you will. defining how much affection you deserve because nobody else is giving it in a way that is stronger and purer.

I noticed quite strongly how much can change when the validation system is being changed. When you judge yourself instead of others that will tell you how good or bad you are.

It sounds logical but these are the subtle things that make self-compassion so elusive. You just forget these things. Having a conversation with yourself, talking with you about what is you.

I don’t know if friends of olden times had more intricate and balanced communication than today, I only know that face to face communication was many times the only given. It meant to be someone to express thoughts. Activism was more active when people didn’t hide behind screens and names to shroud their intentions.

I0m getting ahead of myself. I mean to talk about what it means to synch with yourself, gaining strength from knowing who you are and what you want to do. This is the sort of mediation that I like and need, attuning to myself before I can go out to change the world.

Be your own judge, validate your own worth and come closer to yourself instead of seeking it with others. You are you. Nobody else.




Be Different

The only thing left to do is to see these things as they are happening. The web format has an interesting pull to shroud my words. This very moment I feel its pull as I want to direct it to others who might read it. It censors my thoughts and my intentions, trying to fit in, trying to write in a way where others can observe.

When I think deeply for myself, when I write it down in my notebook, I sense that no more. I sense only the questions and the possible answers. Funnily, when I?m writing contextually in my notebook I have no anger or aggression toward individuals or teachings. I see them clinical, almost sterile, not bothering with the pull of the crowd.

Some words trigger that especially. Crowd, people, things like this. It’s as if a machine is being fed unique parts made into one and the same. Exposure therapy that moulds the words, shapes them, morphs them. Deviates them from their original meaning.

That kind of pull is also affecting my mind, and the stress situations I’m currently residing. Stuck in a rut. Physically stuck as I eat food and move from places to places almost within clear boundaries. The cynical feedback I get is as always “you can always escape”. well, can I?

When I write this kind of sentences I notice even more how slow this pull of the crowd really is.

My base intention was not even to talk about things that affect me but to find a way to cut through the veil. It seems that many times when I succumb to the pull of talking to other people I forget that what I really want to do is to find strength that serves me to realise something that I can’t fully grasp yet. It makes me forget for a moment that seeing and feeling are things that happen inside. Makes me forget for a moment who I really am.

That state is most annoying as clarity is sometimes fading. Whenever my body is failing me, it becomes so difficult to maintain or regain focus, and then it just suddenly pops back. Then this razor-sharp clarity comes back. But every time I sit down to write, unless it’s something like the whole frequency talk, where the topic is stronger than the pull of exposure, I ramble on without a clear path, like a copywriter gone astray or a programme gone rogue in isolation.

MOst curious, really. When I see the body making these conclusions and I observe how it happens when I can clearly feel the doubt and the split in expression. But nobody reads this truly. And even if. Wouldn’t be that reason enough to speak aloud? To speak clear?

School taught me to shut up and to be mediocre. Taught me to not wanting to stick out although I always loved to stick out. So how come the prospect of just one person reading this makes me weaker instead of stronger?
how come that every word said in this kind of mindset is not shouted but shrouded?

Of course, indoctrination plays a huge role but then again, with a working body, mind and soul, these things can be circumvented. Especially when the situation becomes more than clear. When suddenly this weird rambling is not a loosely shaking path of self-reflection but an organ to shout. An organ to become strong because it is my opinion. Because it is was I think and who I am.

Have I been bullied so much that I have to back off my own word? Allowing them victory? Never! No, instead, let me speak, let me speak loud and clear and let me make sure that what I say is here.

What I tend to forget is the power of the individual. the power of the expression that creates this. the power of ambition that lies within that frail body that expires in under a century. I tend to forget that the problem of communication is menial.

I tend to forget the nature of my being that is either part of my physical makeup or part of my soul, strong enough to shine through, to create pictures and to regain strength simply by remembering what I love doing and why it’s important to me to be loud and obnoxious.

To stand against bullshit claims and to stand for claims that are strong.

My voice is only mine. My words are only mine. And in a day and age where equalisation is rampant, let me the nail that hurts, let me be the discomfort that challenges your belief. Let my beliefs be challenged by others, to fight equalisation and to celebrate expression, logic, art and so much more that is hidden.

It’s been almost 30 years and only now it’s slowly starts feeling like blossoming. Tying loose threads, needing only to remember and to act accordingly.

The strength of your own belief system against the world. Learn by it, live by it. Change it whenever necessary to create the best working version.

Body Consciousness

You know what’s really odd? When you look at interviews and speeches from our time you see a lot of techniques used to appear more charismatic or dominant. Yet, in interactions, the facade trained fades quickly. People with their media training need an outstanding degree of mastery to really pull of the confident and genuine person if they feel like they have to appear more influential.

When I see people like Elon Musk, I notice how much he searches in memory and how little show he puts into the interviews. A person genuine and nervous at times talking about what’s really important.

A direct sign, that authenticity does not come with training. You can be super nervous and yet still express how much you love and care what you are talking about. At the same time, a slimy weasel will appear as such even with the best charisma and media training–if you look for the signs.

Today, I want to look at the way the body expresses thoughts and ideas unconsciously and what we can do to influence that consciously without having to rely on shady or simply cringy “tools to enhance charisma”.

Of course, your charisma gets enhanced quite a bit once you stop doing things that are expected. Of course, this also means to learn some fundamentals and to practice understanding before usage.

Of course, this also means to learn some fundamentals and to practice understanding before usage.

The premise is that your body speaks all the time. It’s own language mind you. The moment you’re uncomfortable with something and fake a smile your body tells on you. That’s something that is a huge nuisance for people in public roles or leaders of all kinds. But it goes further than that.

Body Language is being systematically forgotten in an age where communication is digital and face to face conversation is not based anymore on reading the other person’s queues.

No wonder that so many people are constantly confused with each other nowadays. How would they not be when flirting digitally is much easier and emojis help tremendously? When the need for physical assertiveness is being squashed by having feelings hurt.

Now, mind you, I don’t believe in the doctrine of throwing people into the cold water and to let them sink or swim. I believe in ooching your way to where you want to go, thinking about it and acting accordingly. This means to realise when change is necessary and being ready to change. Following instinct and reason.

So with that out of the way, the body can be perceived on its own. Spiritual teachings are a great source to completely destroy and detach yourself–in a bad way–from reality. Making you see things that are not there and will never be there.

It makes my blood boil when I see pages of “spiritual practitioners” claiming to be able to read people and to help with their meditative doctrine to teach you that–for a fee of course.

But it could be so simple. When you watch some old interviews from the 60s and 70s you’ll notice how the tone they talk with each other is much harsher and much better paced. They play with each other and exploit, at times, the insecurities of their interviewees.

I would even go that far to say that their body consciousness is much higher than today, without the need to be oh so spiritual.

But what does it mean?

Basically, it means that you’re conscious of your own body and the body of others around you. This means to notices shifts and twitches and having a rough understanding how the eyes work in correlation with the brain. Based on that knowledge you can piece together your own understanding of how you feel and how you say things.

I noticed on myself that I tend to shrug a lot when talking about topics I’m not super sure about.

Now, knowing that doesn’t mean that I can suddenly switch off that shrugging. No. Instead, I can figure out these queues and understand why I’m insecure about topics.

In body language, you can never fully hide. Your body will always tell on you. So how do we change that? Create a space of mind where you are confident. This means a lot of reflection and acceptance. To know your quirks and your faults to be able to be confident in your own skin and when dealing with issues or with topics that create a glooming discomfort.

Just like the mental awareness, this is a piece of work where you can actively train your consciousness to notice things. Learning how your body behaves by just pointing attention to it. Realising, “hm… my legs feel weirdly tense…” and things like that. This can be a huge help to guide intuition a little better by understanding if your body believes the things you say or think, or not.

In conclusion, this is about extending the awareness of your thoughts to your body as well. Mundanely, just learning what you’re doing and when. Being able to depict excitement from anxiety and working with the queues to become more authentic and comfortable.

Thought vs Experience

The difference between thinking and experience is the actuality of the result. The thought-world is much like the dream state extremely volatile. Things happen, twist and turn–change but without permanence.

Experience is the recollection of what actually happened. It’s cemented in reality and teaches for new situations a kind of awareness that wouldn’t change with thought only.

The thought-world is thus extremely limited although it seems limitless. You can think what you want but the smallest fraction actually gets materialised. Meditations of all sorts help to channel the right thoughts into reality. But why? Probably because it’s sieving out the noise of thought from the conscious thought. The quality and latency of the frequency emitted is thus where we want to turn the wheels of the radio. Tuning it to the desired state, effectively.

An example. You really want to work at the prestigious place of your desire. You can even guide your route to be able to work there. But there’s no guarantee that you’ll find happiness there. The thought and materialisation point are although overlapping, not coherent. This makes it incredibly difficult to choose the right goals, as the influences of noise alter the state of thinking. making us many times succumb to implanted desires or just weird ideas in general, not being able to closely define what you really want. Only where it might be and how it might feel.

The feeling point of this is even more complex and difficult to grasp. The native frequency is effectively a range that is bound to the body. If my body, for example, works really well in analytics but really bad with crafts, exerting effort in crafts might yield interesting results but still goes against the grain if you will.

The big question is to ask, “how do I influence this reliably?”.

From my experience, influence is possible. Flow is accessible. Energies are volatile but still follow some rules. In my case, if I tune in into that state where I can feel hype or clarity, I can do things. I can change things and the biggest issue is to keep that frequency up. It allows me to think differently and to attract things more fluently. The flowing aspect of this still does not feel optimized as the deeper meaning of frequency suggests.

You can get to the place, but what do you there? You can meet the person, but what will you say? Training is obviously the key ingredient for this. And it’s also the inevitable trap that opens up when you try to prepare by thought only. The physical dredge-work still needs to be grasped. What I struggle with right now is to find the right pulleys and levers to move to get things done that are native to my frequency and my interests.

I can clearly feel the pull, the noise, the influence from all sides and cutting through that with a clear mind helps to distinguish thoughts from actual experience.

Overcoming discomfort is one thing. And the other is to keep a steady mindset. That is in my case the most difficult thing. To have that sense of purpose, only if it’s for projects that last a day or weeks. Repurposing is no problem but for that, you need a general essential attunement for your own native frequency.

I find it extremely difficult to maintain focus and developing needed skills while needing to work and keeping a somewhat stable social life. At a point even where the greatest recharge would be to be able to talk without the need for networking correctness.

Experience and mutation come to mind when I think about it. The native frequency gives a so-to-say skill tree with favoured attributes. How to scale those attributes is then easier. But years of influence and years of trying to convince me of fixed behaviour make it incredibly frustrating to become authentic anew. It means to accept the experiences and to detach yourself from your personality and body.

To see it from the observer’s perspective to get the bigger picture. Being crushingly honest, so that your body and mind take no offence. Being so honest that your body and mind can’t do anything but acknowledge the realisation and the damages done. A deeper case of self-compassion really.

Coupled with some attunement questions like “how does X look like?”. Frustration is many times bred from the lack of this personal honesty with one’s thoughts and experiences. The whole picture gets really convoluted at that point. Which can be an effective sign that some trimming needs to be done. Cutting away those loose ends, those one-too-many books that you tell yourself you need to read or the clutter that you carry along with you, in your mind or your pockets.

Reduction and the focus on the essential are not easy, mind you. But what makes it difficult?

Hm… thinking about it, the attunement to the desired outcomes comes in many forms, the true difficulty is to create a desired picture that is realistic and achievable. Thought means nothing if it’s not relatable unless of course, you conceptualise, but I mean the thought of goals that drive your life. Going past the spiritual seeking only more wisdom leads to a dead-end since nothing spurs that wisdom anymore.

So what I want to experience for example is more social exchange, more ideas to be shared and most of all, a kind of work where I can actually meet with people that I appreciate and most of all appreciate me. That’s a baseline thought-desire that seems easily accessible. The experience tells me otherwise.

When I take myself apart and understand who I am, I see the reactions and the behaviour I exert out of frustration or boredom. I demand a lot, feel like I’m on a different level yet admire the knowledge and the aspirations of others. This is not about superiority for me, it is about mutual interest. When I feel that interest fleeting, I’m prone to do the same. Yet, when I see strong interest, I become strangely loyal to either a cause, group or person.

This tells me that the desire of expression is tied for me to the need to express to people who show interest. People who don’t agree, but are willing to speak up for themselves to point out logical fallacies that I make. This is all very self-centred and quite frankly, that’s what it takes to understand yourself.

If I generalize these emotions and experiences, they become white-washed for the sake of readability, for people who won’t read this far. Instead, I want to truly focus on the thought, on what happens while I think these things through. Understanding my physical body and mind better.

That helps to attune to a more desirable more native, naturally more challenging experience in the future. For me that desire is to find work that is challenging, with a team that is strong, wanting to feel part of a group, wanting to learn. Not because of anybody in those ridiculous self-help-books says but because I see the purpose of it. The purpose of sharing and talking, exchanging because of relevant feedback. Feedback is the natural driver for evolution. An echo chamber is no better than existence without a physical body.

Volatile, ever-changing but never permanent.


So it sums up to learning about myself in more realistic depth. Understanding that my deeper desires are of very simple nature about more relevant company and the exchange of interesting ideas. The learning aspects come with the localisation of a grander purpose, building a game library or becoming good at something because you really want it and nobody needs to tell you that.

These things are the gems in the earth of our body. Our native frequency that makes it possible to seek out the experiences that really matter.

This also means to learn to play with thoughts as a tool instead of a destination spawner. Making thoughts accessible in the now, rather than trying to envision something that will never be. It’s the choice of action vs. perfection. Planning is important but what good is planning on poisoned grounds?

What I see now is to balance out the goals and the experiences that truly matter. To define purpose on a scale, small enough to make it easy to see through and big enough that they feel right.

Thought as a tool, Experience as the guiding light.

Attunement 101: “How does X look like?”

In this super quick post, we look into a technique that I keep forgetting about but yields some of the greatest benefits.

It’s about attuning to a specific state–naturally.

Let’s cut to the chase and jump right into it.

Chances are, you want to change the state you’re in. You want to feel or see things from a specific perspective.

For example:

I feel kinda tired but want to get really amped up for work/project/anything specific really.

Now, I could either use mantras or positive “talking-with-yourself” to tune into that feeling.

Many times with diminishing effects or rather, creating a forced feeling. Basically fooling yourself into feeling a certain way. You want the thought-of desired end result to do something with it.

How many times does that work reliably?

Now instead, try this:

Ask yourself how it looks when you’re amped. How do you see yourself? How does it feel? Can you picture yourself with the traits and the visuals that you associate with the desired emotion/mood/feel?

In my experience, this creates a much more organic attunement to the desired state.

It takes away the pressure of needing to feel good and instead asks questions that define you.

Some of the results may be, seeing yourself in a state of intense hype, if you desire that, only to realise that you don’t really want to be hyped but perceptive.

What this does is questioning the state you desire and showing you the result before it happens. If it aligns with your values and true desires, chances are you attune to that state easily. If it’s something that is an implanted desire or untrue to your being, then it could have some very interesting effects in you.

Try it yourself when you feel in a state where you don’t want to be. Anytime you want to change your behaviour, what you think or how you act.

Interestingly you might notice as well that you’ll have interesting physical feedback in body-language, talking speed and pitch naturally.

Tell me also what you encounter while trying this technique and how it could be optimised.

Consciousness Knows No Thought

Curiosity and action. Together they build something that comes naturally when you’re in the zone. This kind of flow-state where you completely forget yourself and just do.

Within that moment where you’re extremely authentic, extremely perceptive and yet the mind is calm, thoughts are focused. To the point even, where thoughts disappear and only action remains.

A curious feeling, don’t you think?

I noticed this after a week of feeling off track. Finally getting back into my perceptive self and waking up again. Energetic, analytic and most of all curious.

Curious about what’s happening around me. Perceiving what’s happening without reading into it. A boon when you just let it happen.

At that moment, right a couple of minutes before I started to write this post, it hit me how pure and unconditional that consciousness suddenly becomes.

Consciousness that goes past the thought-patterns. It goes directly past the narrative of society and is guided only by its own curiosity. Not even to intersect or change anything, just to perceive and then to act experimentally.

A simple and easy to understand analogy is this. Imagine yourself being in a game. You are the consciousness, the player of the avatar. What you do is bound by no consequence. Imagine yourself being able to try whatever you want to try because in the worst case, you’ll reset the game or make a new avatar.

It’s kind freeing, isn’t it?

Or imagine yourself being a programmer, working on some code and experimenting with functions and silly ideas how to write something. Nothing is holding you back since trying might yield unexpected results. Innovation. Creativity. Or even more.

That’s the expression of consciousness free of thought. Or rather free of the survivalistic component of the avatar.

Now imagine if that avatar or the code you wrote have an inherent need to survive. Limiting effectively how far you can be curious and at some point reckless. Which makes sense, since the body wants to sustain itself. It wants to survive above all. So, any action challenging that naturalistic behavior clashes against the curious mind that wants to explore.

Luckily, many times for a good reason, since caution and wisdom are what is built through experience.

But still, in those moments when you are not threatened by anything that would harm the body either physically or mentally, where the consciousness can take hold, that flow suddenly kicks in and the spectrum of innovative and creative problem solving, expression or just perception gets heightened.

A fantastic feeling which is accessed far too rarely.

So how do we access that state more reliably?

Well, as you probably know from the last few posts, you know that I don’t believe in unscaleable metrics. If the practice is not reproducible it’s not valuable for us other than anecdote or as something to investigate. If we understand how it works, then we have the chance to reproduce. Now let it be through science or through techniques that go past the regular meditate to be mindful narrative that got a hold in the mainstream now.

Reliable reproducing flow states is possible and is somewhat documented scientifically. There are a lot of books that describe what kind of flow person you are and show you ways to manipulate yourself into thinking flow.

But I don’t want to go on that path. Instead, I’m interested in understanding metrics of flow that make it less about a task you’re doing and more about a style of living and perceiving.

One important thing to note up front is that in my experience you can’t fully fool yourself get into flow (which as a word I used the last time in this post). In my experience, you can learn to force yourself to become a little bit more efficient and focus on the work you do by keep telling yourself mantras or reassuring yourself that what you do is doable, finding enjoyment in it or just powering through it.

But are those expressions of consciousness or just another stage of work efficiency?

Consciousness, when active and perceptive, doesn’t know that kind of guided focus. It is that guided focus without the nicks and nacks that’ll make it work.

It’s similar to comparing this state to a bike with a gear switch to 3 although it has 5 gears, two of which can’t be easily accessed.

This means to me that instead of generating more output on the 3rd gear and learning how to handle only that gear it would be more reasonable to understand that there are more gears. Figuring out the other remaining gears and trying to understand how you can access them. Maybe the two gears left are not accessed by the main gear-switch but by doing something specific with the bike’s handle, or it’s located under the seat or just flares up when you do a sequence of actions on the bike before you ride.

What do I mean with this?

As you know, things like this are complex. They’re not complicated per se, just complex, since many aspects need to be taken into account and simplification kills the whole idea in many cases.

Activating consciousness reliably is thus not as easy as just flicking a switch but it can be accessed if you understand the body or bike you run it with.

In order to access it more reliably teachers of nowadays would advocate meditation, exercise, healthy nutrition, and enough quality sleep.

But is that enough? Think of this again as a gear problem. The most dialed in nutrition, sleep, exercise, and meditation won’t flick that switch to surpass the third gear. But why? Can you imagine the outrage if you would tell people that their efforts, as noble and as empowering as they are, are in vain?

They’re not in vain, they just don’t address the issue at hand.

Let me elaborate:

We can agree that exercise, nutrition, sleep and meditation (chillin’ basically) are essential for maintaining the body.

They are body focused. Yes, even meditation. Why? Well, let’s look at how meditation is being practiced. Mindfulness without action. Guiding thoughts and letting them go, understanding them and heightening perception. Yes, that’s a good practice but it’s like gardening. If you only maintain grass you only will get grass back, since you’ll be busy killing weeds and trimming the grass, trimming even flowers and other things that might be highly effective for growth.

This is not to bash meditation, this is more to realize that the nature of consciousness does not lie in meditation. It helps to maintain and to keep your thoughts tidy but it won’t give you that see-through, cutting-edge, crystal-clear perception of consciousness like waking up in a dream and becoming lucid.

What if instead, we focus on detachment and level up pour perception by questioning the very essence of our human lives. Pulling ourselves from our bodies and our identities. Now you could argue that this is meditation as well. And you’re right. But this is not just about mindfulness. This is about actively using and understanding this shaping the relationship we have between the body and the consciousness.

And yes, this means to see them as separate. To put labels on them that seem paradox. Labeling them makes it easier to distinguish. The body, The mind, The soul, are easier to relate to than just I.

Without distinguishing between these baselines the ego might become too strong and you feel too capable, too enlightened. We want to avoid that, instead, we want to stay humble by simply taking ourselves out of the equation while still being part of it in fractals. Namely body, mind and soul.

This interaction and distinguishing are what teaches me about my genes and my behaviors and desires without having the need to fulfill them blindly. It also checks me on the physical aspects of being, by not letting the mind wander off into weird delusion to see everything just as energy and thoughts as the ultimate tool.

Consciousness is here the ultimate checking device and you’ll know exactly once you discover it. At the same time, it’s not the ultimate answer. It’s just as much part of the equation as is the body and the mind. It works differently. It has the power to override influences of the body and the mind and is the most difficult to access reliably.

If you’re still reading, then you probably ask yourself, “ok, this is a long preface about how difficult it is, but how do I reproduce this now?”.

There’s no simple answer, unfortunately. Reproduction of stable and active/curious consciousness is something that needs to utilize health orientated optimisation and after that stepping one step beyond the current spiritual narrative that you’ll encounter almost everywhere.

Actually, the most reliable source of reproduction is expression and discourse. Being challenged in thoughts and beliefs to test them logically and to enhance the perception of other possibilities.

So, write and express. The more we discuss these things, realizing truths and discarding fluff and noise, the easier it’ll become to get conscious more reliably. That’s one of the reasons I write. Priming your consciousness with practice and understand how you work, physically, mentally and who your consciousness really is.

It’s exciting and it’s complex. It’s something that won’t appear on simple clickbait posts as it takes study and interaction.

Please feel free to leave a comment and start interacting to discover the more intricate aspects of consciousness.



Recollection of Past Insights 1

The last 20 posts or so were filled with a huge list of things to do and to consider. What I’d like to do right now is to create a little post with the most important insights neatly listed here to skip the length of those 20 posts into only one.

So let’s jump right in.

First of all, while looking through the last 20 posts I noticed that the base topics are roughly the same. They’re Frequency, Consciousness, and Practice.

These three points encompass the bigger bulk of usable knowledge posted here.

Frequency is defined by the nature of the physical and non-physical. It’s the greater guide-stone since we relate what we do to the concept of frequency and vibration. Energy flow, manipulation of energy and the laws of the body and mind, encompassing emotions, feelings, mood and expression on a basic level. All to understand our world better.

Consciousness is the observer behind the thought. Behind the body and the mind is the soul that watches and records. The basics of frequency become relevant when we start influencing ourselves and the environment we live in by defining who we want to be.
Realizing the potential and creating awareness for who we actually are beneath the surface of flesh.

Practice is the actionable component where these two previous topics are interlinked. Talking about frequency and consciousness brings nothing if there’s no metric to define it with. That’s what we do when we play with specific ideas and though-plays or ask questions about the nature of emotions and frequency, the spectrum it encompasses and the consciousness that plays along with it.
The practical aspect is to train and to sharpen the senses with which you navigate the world. It directly correlates also to spot false prophets and ill-advised teachings. Buying into everything that is labeled “spiritual development” is scrambling the foundation of understanding how frequency and consciousness works. Logic must prevail.

Next to these three points, there are several important ideas that I quickly summarize down here.

  • The Spectrum of Frequency
    Everything is in constant change and movement. On the base level, there is frequency. The slower the frequency the closer it is to the physical. The higher you rise in consciousness the higher the frequency becomes. This also means complexity in frequency. With more capacity, you are able to express more nuances.
    That also means that the direct expression of emotions is also bound to the nature thereof. Fear is a basic low-frequency emotion bound to survival. On the flipside, altruism is a higher frequency emotion since it transcends your own well-being. It’s not needed for survival.
    The higher you go in frequency the more complex the correlating emotion becomes.

    • Imagine the physical body to be an anchor and your consciousness is bound to the potential of your body. The more developed your body, the more conscious expression you could have.
    • Imagine low frequency as singular emotions and high frequency as complex emotions. Fear vs. Triumph for example.
  • Suppressants and Capped Frequency
    Since everything has its own frequency and those collide constantly, there are influences that change your base frequency. Some of these influences can be other people with constant negative emotions or sabotaging thoughts that do the same damage. At times the physical potential is stunted because of sickness or physical suppressants like heavy medication, heavy stress or food allergies.
    These influences limit the effectiveness of consciousness since it takes a generally higher base frequency to deal with negative influences.
    Physical predisposition can also be a huge factor how you can express consciousness and how easy or difficult it is to learn how to deal with these higher frequency thoughts.
  • Controlling and Attuning to Frequency
    The highest ideal is to maintain high frequency and to attune to desired emotions quicker and more reliably. If we understand our own potential, our own physical mechanics, then we have a change to advanced growth. This means to become very aware of individual suppressants of any kind and to build structures and thoughts that are highly beneficial. Practising them naturally to growth with the heightened consciousness.
    Attunement works by first calming your mind, raising your base frequency. The idea behind this is to spend a moment or two to become calm and to evaluate how you want to feel and how it looks like.

    • Imagine this like when you become lucid in a dream. It’s the same in real, consciousness is fleeting if you don’t know how to maintain it with ease.
    • With rising conscious awareness and expression you build yourself your own manual to deal with negative influences.
  • High-Context Trap
    The deeper you go on this journey the more complex it becomes. Similar to the emotions you feel and the experiences you make. We are taught to deal with only a fraction we can truly express. This way expression becomes increasingly difficult as you learn more about the complexity of the Spectrum of Frequency.
    In order to avoid ill-teachings be vigilant when simplifications are presented. False Prophets will claim that it’s easier than you think. It’s not. You just get better with dealing the more difficult and complex.
    This also means to stay vigilant when it comes to your own perception. If everything becomes too easy and everything suddenly is good and flowy, you might be on a path of delusion. Keep checking yourself and make sure that the physical metrics still apply, you are still human after all.
  • Experience as Highest Currency
    Consciousness and frequency elevate the need and the value of experience. Constant change is a physical necessity for survival. I would even claim that it’s the very reason why we evolve spiritually. Only through changes can you see past mistakes and prepare for new ones, even avoiding them. Learning on a deeper level and especially learning about your own physical body, the way your mind works and the influences of your environment.
    The Experience itself does not judge, though. Good and bad is always relative and the expressed emotions don’t give a free pass on doing whatever you want. Community, law and common decency still apply. If anything then it should give you more confidence to express yourself the way you want to. The physical rules still apply but here you can tweak how you perceive them with the current physical metrics.
  • 7 again
    A nice little thought-play. Imagine yourself having the opportunity to reset your life to the time you were 7 keeping all your experiences and memories. When would you press that reset-button if at all?
    This is basically a nice exercise to think about how future experiences will shape you and how you can learn from the future before experiencing it. Try it.

It goes far and quickly in depth. As you can see already the concepts and the correlations are vast. The idea behind this is to sum up without simplification too much. It becomes clearer and easier to tell once these raw thoughts are expressed and then tested, rewritten in posts like this.

If you have suggestions how to make this process a little bit more efficient, please let me know. Also if you see logic flaws or other aspects that don’t line up. This is all based on discussion and interaction. I don’t claim truth in this, only observation. So, if you have something to add, please feel free to share.